Jozafeen (jozafeen) wrote in uk_goths,

Nephilim Gig - Nottingham

(from UPG) **IMPORTANT NOTE! Spread the word!**

For the Nottingham date, Rock City are still listing their regular 'Love Shack' night as being on from 9.00pm on the same date.

This means that when Rock City says "Doors open at 7.00pm", they really aren't kidding! If your plan is to sit in the boozer until 8.30 - 9.00ish and then head up to the gig, like we all used to do Back-In-The-Day, then you are very likely to find that you've missed it!

I'd hate for the band to perform to an empty room, only for the fans to show up as the set is finishing ... I have first hand reports of this happening to other bands in the not-too-distant past.

My brain is still having trouble with the idea of seeing the Nephs and being out of the venue when I'd normally be just arriving!
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